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Maurice's Signature CheeseCake Experience

Tempt Your Tastebuds

Maurice's Signature Cheese Cakes has been a family favorite since 2001. Nineteen years later we decided to let the world experience this amazing family  favorite Gem. Today, Maurice's Signature Cheese Cakes proudly serves the North West Indiana area and surrounding suburbs. 

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Our Story

Maurice's Signature CheeseCakes started in Glenwood, IL. Maurices mom gave him a basic recipe on making cheesecakes. Maurice made it but didn't like it. So he added a few things and took away a few things and put it in the oven. He was extremely shocked when he tasted what came out. He had family members taste it and everyone was so shocked at how good it was. This was back in 2001 and Maurice has not stopped making them ever since. In 2019 he unleashed them to the world and the response has been unreal. Take the challenge and see what you think about them for yourself.

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Matteson, IL, USA



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